Canada’s Top Paying Jobs in 2022

1.Surgeon – $279,000

If you’re intrigued by the anatomy of the human body as well as the many ways surgery can be utilized to treat and heal ailments If so, a career as a surgeon might be just the right fit for you! Surgery professionals spend their time making x-rays and repairing joints and bones damaged by trauma, minimizing physical defects, and performing a variety of other tasks that are designed to improve their patient’s lives.

2. Medical Physician -$254,000

Another lucrative Canadian occupation is that of the medical doctor. Similar to the prior one, medical doctors help patients, but this time is diagnosing ailments, diseases, or other issues as well as working with their patients as well as their families to decide on the most effective, efficient treatment for their situation.

3. Dentist – $177,000

If you like going to the dentist or not, dentists play a significant impact in people’s physical health. They are also one of the highest-paid professions in Canada. Dentists can remove decaying teeth. They also fill in cavities, detect and treat mouth ailments as well as diseases, and fix damaged teeth. Being a dentist will be an unforgettable experience that allows you to aid in helping many patients feel confident in their smiles!

4. Psychologist – $138,000

If you’re fascinated by how our brains work and you are seeking a high-paying Canadian job, a job as a psychologist is ideal for you! By conducting interviews and watching the clients they counsel, psychologists are able to determine the cause of mental health problems and issues, as well as discover more about the brain’s functions. They can help their clients overcome and develop the ability how to manage a variety of previous abuses and hurts and also deal with mental health issues.

5. Product Owner – $118,000

Do you ever dream of becoming an inventor as young? Did you spend your summer days thinking about and sketching out your ideas for the next invention? Being a product owner might be the next thing! As a producer, you’re responsible for developing and refining products that will meet the clients of the company’s requirements. You need to create an idea of the product’s goals as well as set goals and then be able to meet these goals!

6. Engineering Managers – $104,000

The work of an engineering manager is an exciting one! They are responsible for developing the overall plan of the engineering project. They have to work out any issues in the project before they cause problems and supervise the engineers that can assist with the design and execution.

7. Optometrist – $102,000

A large portion of Canada’s highest-paying jobs are in the medical field, and this is certainly not one of them. Optometrists are doctors of an eye. They look at their patient’s eyes to identify any eye problems, identify any injuries or diseases or even prescribe a prescription for glasses. They must make sure that their clients see clearly!

8. Lawyer – $97,000

It’s not a surprise that being a lawyer is among the highest-paying jobs in Canada. Lawyers are highly skilled professionals in all aspects of legal and regulation. They assist their customers in explaining laws, comprehending rights, and writing legal documents, such as lawsuits or wills, contracts, and so on. They need to be highly skilled communicators, both in person as well as in writing, when they argue with the judge to get their client’s

9. Architect – $93,000

Perhaps the most artistic job, the imaginative one on this list, is an architect. Architects are in charge of designing and planning new building projects as well as renovations. They have to pay close attention to the desires and needs of the client and develop a design that goes over and above their desires.

10. Utility Manager – $90,000.

Utility Managers are charged with the crucial responsibility of making sure that our water, electricity, and sewer systems are safe and sound and in good working order. They examine the systems regularly to make sure they are current and arrange for any maintenance, repairs, or upgrades when needed. They play an essential function in getting utilities operating after an unexpected shutdown.