Children of the Grave

We are proud of our children and want the very best for them: the most nutritious food, the most prestigious education, and the best job. However, how do we tackle the most crucial question: “Is there a God?” What should we do when they inquire, “Where came from?” and “What is my fate after I pass away?” Are you prepared to gaze your child in the eyes and say, “Darling, and this is all there is after death, nothing more than dusty graves? “

If we decide to take the humanist way of life, we’re in danger of infusing unfounded fears about our existence that are passed down through the generations. Being a believer in nothing that is beyond death is risky and eventually damaging. If we do not have the authority and power of a compassionate God in charge, the authority of our society is diminished. Without the moral guidelines established by the Bible, Morality in the World is a mess. And, without an everlasting paradise to anticipate, life turns into the jollies that eventually fade into meaninglessness.

Certain adults may opt to remain atheists and believe that the end of time is the finality of all things, But how do they feel about passing this bleak idea onto their children? It’s a painful and frightening experience to witness innocent minds sucking into despairing mental nihilism. Better to send them to Sunday school and help them understand that Jesus loves them regardless of the circumstance and prepare them for the bliss of eternal heaven.

By deliberately dragging children early on with the notion of futility, we put all the burden on the present, and when the present is all that matters, they’re pushed to develop bad behavior. The nihilism of the mind leads to over-compensating for the moment. The urge to let the physical and material dictate life is not an option, and it’s, even more, the physical and the material have to be in perfect order; otherwise, life will be unacceptable.

Selfishness, vanity, and the consequent insecurity these vices can influence the minds of vulnerable children, and then the inevitable rot begins to take hold. Drugs, sexuality, and desires to be recognized and accepted always become the ideal alternatives to faith. Why are we so surprised when our children find themselves in danger? They’ll take action to ease the burden of their boring and seemingly useless lives.

The solution is to restore your faith.

Over the past three centuries, technology has slowly replaced faith as the basis of hope for humanity. The incredible technological advancements, especially in the areas like medicine, communications, entertainment, transportation, and medicine, although they are welcome, have made us believe that science can one day bring us a perfect world. What evidence do we have to support this? Are wars over? Are all people on earth receiving adequate nutrition and care for? Are we in harmony with the World around us? While we have access to many devices that are supposed to simplify our lives but we are becoming aware of a growing sense of unease. When we cut God away from our life and feel forced to rely on our abilities to come up with a purpose, we are unsure of the importance of our lives. Do we prioritize work or family? Do we want to spend our time helping other people or ourselves? We all want to be more charitable, but we don’t have the time or the funds. In terms of right and wrong, what number of times do you hear “it isn’t worth it to do good! ” In the wake of these confusion signals, we question everything and put our trust in no one.

Much blame for this misguided world perspective comes from over-emphasizing science and its capabilities. Science isn’t capable of confronting the assumptions we make regarding our origins, the internal workings of our brains, and the vital question of morality. The science that is not substantiated, such as Big Bang and evolution, belongs to the realm of theories. While evolution as a process of evolution is not difficult to grasp, it has not yet been able to prove the process by which new species came to be. While the mathematics of the big bang may be sound, it’s not enough to understand the reason that led to the big bang phenomenon in the first place.

Science isn’t the way to a stress-free life (as anyone with a poor internet connection will attest!) But anxiety can be worsened by the science of it!

Are we fulfilling our responsibility as responsible role models by teaching our children this dark premise that they are nothing more than advanced apes that were born by a freak accident as part of an unplanned universe that was created for extinct?

If you believe this isn’t the right choice, Be glad there’s another option.

Philippians 4: v6.7 Do not be worried about anything, but throughout your life, pray and supplicate and with gratitude make your needs clear to God. The peace of God that is greater than any understanding will protect your heart and mind within Christ Jesus.

When we believe in a loving God, all worries of the World and worries go away. The earth was not made by random forces of destruction (which in and of itself is an odd contradictory) but by the eternal self who wants only the best for us. Who created us from love? So that we could feel love and learn to love more. Faith doesn’t make us flawless. When we study the Bible, we discover that none of God’s chosen ones were perfect or lived their lives. However, they did have an unbreakable relationship with God that was sufficient to help them navigate through the most horrific of crimes. From Adam to Moses through David and Solomon and the prophets that preceded Jesus, We meet believers who had to deal with every issue we have to deal with today, but with divine guidance, they succeeded. The path to perfection is not located on the surface of things but in the heart of the person, as there is where God speaks to us.

John 14:27. Peace, I will leave with you. My peace I offer to you. The way the World provides do, I offer to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor should they be scared.

Society today is terrified and far from being content with its own. We are afraid of our capabilities. We are not all aware of the ways to peace. In the past, the people were peaceful until war broke out; nowadays, there are fewer wars, but no one knows peace. The cause of this skepticism is obvious. Everybody is looking at something that is not there, the peace and security of money. This is the truth. There isn’t Peace in this World, and there isn’t peace in a rising balance in the bank, but only peace with God.

Some may argue that it’s foolish to put our faith in a mythical entity, but there’s no more popular myth than that of economics. The belief in the potential of share prices and interest rates as the way to happiness and the salvation of mankind is an illusion. What else can large businesses do other than millionaires on the upper end, low-income employees, and a deplorable environment down below? What’s better than to be a believer that love is the only thing to be believed in? Our children grow to believe that debt is the only natural thing that exists and is something to strive at, that the sole evidence that they are worth their weight is the amount that appears on their credit card statement or credit score. And that unless they get to an elite position in their fields and fail, they’ve been unsuccessful.

If they do not succeed and they fail, they will be discarded.

God could affirm the contrary and that the reverse is the most painless method of living.

When you hear the crucial questions coming from your kids’ mouths, tell them this, and you’ll be honest Only 4percent of the universe’s objects – galaxies, stars, planets, and their inhabitants can be observed and understood by scientists. The remaining 96% remains an absolute mystery. If they have a little imagination, they can fill the void with whatever they like by imagining the suspicions of their dreams, or their dreams or ghosts; angels and fairies, demons and Easter Bunny, or any other combination that they can pull out of their minds and no one can take it away from them since nobody has any idea what they are talking about. And then tell them about the tale of God who loved us so much that he offered his son Jesus to save us. This way, we will gradually help an anxious and confused Generation from the dangers that come with agnosticism, atheism, and dark nihilism. Bring them back from the dead and fill them with the peace of God, love, and the hope of their destiny in heaven.