Do You Feel Older Than You Look?

Have you seen somebody who looked older than their actual age? We have all done it and were amazed by it.
The phrase “you’re older than you think is true for 68-year-old woman Jenny Darren who stunned the audience, and Simon, who wowed them with her personality and her performance of her Highway To Hell song Watch Jenny Here. Jenny Darren did away with the notion of aging. Despite her light hair and unsteady body, she exuded youthfulness with her voice and energy. She was determined and confident to achieve her goals, and she succeeded. Not only was she capable of entertaining the audience, but she also challenged everyone to consider the issue of age and recognized that biological age is something that we earn, are in charge of, and can change the course. What did she do, and how do you too?
Researchers at NYU discovered that more than 30 percent of aging could be attributed to genetics, but 70 percent is due to lifestyle. So what does it mean for us today that we live longer? We can alter our appearance and feel like we have control over it.

Many people associate hormonal changes with women and teens, but the reality is that everyone from every walk of life experiences the effects of these hormone rollercoasters. However, is it an inevitable thing? Do you have something one can take to assist your body stay in good health? Yes. You can achieve a lot, and we’ll begin by focusing on one organ responsible for the sudden jumps. The thyroid is the one responsible.

The thyroid is a part of the endocrine system that uses iodine to create the hormones, store them and release them into the bloodstream T3 and T4. These hormones control various body functions, including circulation, metabolism, the nervous system, etc. The hormonal imbalances influence the body, which, in turn, affects the skin.
The reality is that the more healthy your lifestyle, the less stress and breakouts you feel.

Let’s discuss an enlightened and healthy diet as well as a low-sugar diet. My experience has taught me that my experience is that Mediterranean Diet is the smartest diet. You’re not restricted and can consume healthy fats but concentrate on a lower sugar intake. One of my acquaintances, who is a nutritionist, states that “If horses are able to eat grass and remain healthy and strong, why can’t we?” He recommends a raw food diet that involves the juice of broccoli and kale, adding fresh fruit and water. He suggests that you keep it simple and that there is no need to create a creamy by adding all kinds of hormonal disruptors that could be found in dairy products or concentrates of juice. Be sure to incorporate healthy fats into your diet. It not only moisturizes your skin, but it also acts as the fuel that aids in making the body function effectively.

The skin is afflicted by the effects of a diet low in carbohydrates. It is a natural procedure in which the sugar in your bloodstream binds to proteins and forms damaging molecules that contribute to premature wrinkles. The collagen you are aware of is made up of proteins. Body hormones are dependent upon a normal insulin level. If the stress level rises excessively, it could trigger an array of events that can lead to high blood pressure, along with wrinkles and acne. This is precisely the reason I focus on overall health when I consult with a customer who is coming for a consultation with a dermatologist or a treatment for the skin.

What are the effects of sun exposure and skin aging? Unprotected skin can cause premature aging, and because of this, the skin gets weaker, wrinkles develop, and visible skin loss that begins at the jawline and then onto the neck. It’s been reported that the more we use our skin, the more impact the environment can have on it. Make sure you apply sunscreen!
As a professional in skincare, I’m happy to report that we’ve come a long way from basing the aging of the skin due to hormones and aging to reversing the process of aging in a natural way through microdermabrasion, phototherapy, peels, and antioxidant-rich skincare products. If you’ve not seen our plant-based products, then you can find them here.
A healthy lifestyle can mean many things to many people. Some realize the need to incorporate raw foods into their diets, while others are compelled to be more active, and many discover that they have to find something that they are enthusiastic about and that makes them feel happy. Whatever your goals for improvement in your lifestyle are, you’ll find that all it takes is optimism and a smile!