Facts About Condoms

If a man wants to keep his penis in top shape and keep it looking and feeling fantastic, a small set of tools will assist him in doing so. Alongside a great penis health cream and the specific cleanser for skin that is sensitive, it is essential to keep a good supply of condoms to ensure that he is never without when having sexual interactions.

Condoms not only guard the unintentional pregnancy from happening, but they can also guard against sexually transmitted diseases that can ruin men’s penis and their lifestyle in general. There are many things about condoms that most men aren’t aware of, which can dramatically reduce their effectiveness. Here’s what you need to be aware of about the material he puts on his penis in intimate moments.

1) Utilize a condom each and each time. This means every time, not just when you feel someone is “risky.” The one exception is in a truly monogamous relationship, where there is strong trust and both parties have been tested and determined to be healthy.

2) Storage of condoms is essential. Never carry a condom in your wallet, and don’t store condoms in your car. The heat generated by the vehicle, along with the pressure exerted by the wallet and the body heat from wearing it, may influence the product’s performance. Condoms should only be kept in pockets for short intervals of time.

3) Check for the date of expiration. Condoms do expire! They become useless following the expiration date on the packaging. The last thing anyone would want is a condom that has a problem or one that has less effectiveness.

4) Simply use one of the condoms. Though it might be tempting to “double up” with condoms by wrapping your penis into two condoms simultaneously, it’s not an ideal option. This can cause friction between condoms which can cause them to fail. It’s equally important to think about when a man feels the urge to have sex with another and sex with someone else, is he really engaging in sexual relations with the person in the first place?

5.) Learn how to utilize them in a proper manner. Condoms roll down in one direction; don’t attempt to roll them the opposite way. Close the reservoir’s tip when the condom is being rolled down to aid in holding the sperm within it. Only use it when the penis is prepared and hard, then move the condom completely down to ensure it completely covers the shaft and offers the greatest security.

6) Don’t make more than one use. It’s not okay to use a condom to get additional time. It’s made to last only one use and not a series of uses. In addition, taking off the condom and then putting it back in allows bodily fluids to flow into places where they shouldn’t be, which renders the condom useless.

7) Don’t share your wealth. If a man moves between various entrances of the body, for example, moving from anal to vaginal sexual activity – he must utilize a different condom each time. This is best for both partners and helps reduce the chance of contracting an infection. If a man is fortunate enough to share an intimate relationship with multiple people, it is recommended that he make sure to use a different condom for each partner to keep the transmission of bodily fluids and possible infections.

8.) The novelty condoms should be used meant for entertainment purposes only. Condoms that have vibrant colors and flavors, like ones that glow in the dark, are things to entertain and be treated in that way. Don’t rely on them as being a “real” condom.

9) Make sure to use water-based lubes. Oil-based lubes can cause the breakdown of the latex in the standard condom, so look for the lube with water as the base. It’s always good to add a small amount of grease to decrease friction and ensure that the condom lasts.

10) Take the condom off immediately. Once the fun has ended, take out the condom. Make sure to do this during the time that the penis remains firm; a soft penis can cause the condom to slip within a relationship which could negate the security that the condom provides to all those involved.

The Penis Treatment to a Whole New Level

Alongside using condoms to maintain that their penis is healthy, men can also look for a premium penis health cream (health experts recommend man one oil that is clinically proven to be safe and gentle for facial skin) to ensure their skin remains as healthy and smooth as it can be. Find a cream with a variety of vitamins, including B5, A, and D, along with alpha lipoic acids and other ingredients to ensure an ideal healthful penis.