How to Prevent Hair Loss

Going lost or bald can create anxiety for both females and males. The term “hair loss,” also known as Alopecia, is the result that causes loss of hair in one part of the body, usually the head. This guide will help you understand how to stop hair loss and minimize the chance of it occurring.

What is the cause of hair loss? What exactly is the cause?

Before attempting to stop Alopecia, it is important to know the causes.

The reason Alopecia isn’t fully identified may be due to a variety of causes. Some of them are:

Infections that cause HTML0 Alopecia can be due to illnesses like Folliculitis Tinea Captiis (a fungal infection), Secondary syphilis, and the microscopic mite called Demodex folliculorum which feeds on hair nutrients, causing loss of hair.

Drugs Researchers from the medical field have linked permanent or temporary hair loss to various medications. The use of heart disease-related medications for diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure was proven to cause hair loss. In addition, drugs that affect the body’s hormone balance can cause severe hair loss. Drugs that affect the body’s hormone balance include hormone replacement therapy, steroids, and acne-related medications.

Pregnancy In the course of pregnancy, there is an increase in estrogen levels. The increase in estrogen resulted in the hair becoming thicker. After delivery, the estrogen levels return to their normal levels, resulting in a loss of hair. Hair usually can grow back, and no treatment is required.

Genetics Alopecia in males is linked with genetics.

Trauma Any type of trauma could cause Alopecia.

Stressful events like birth, major surgical procedures, or poisoning, as well as severe stress, can lead to hair loss. This is known as Telogen effluvium. Another type of trauma is the habitual pulling and bending of hairs that result in the loss of hair called trichotillomania.

Radiation therapy is used to treat certain types of cancer. This radiation could cause baldness and permanent loss of hair.

Aging As the body loses its ability to replenish itself naturally as it ages, it’s not unusual to observe Alopecia or thinned hair as one ages.

How can hair loss be Prevention?

Alopecia is preventable by various methods. As mentioned earlier, it is essential to research the causes mentioned earlier and utilize them as a reference to stopping Alopecia.

In the case of infections that could cause Alopecia, it’s important to see your physician immediately when symptoms and signs of these illnesses begin to manifest. Treating the infection promptly will lower the chance of becoming hairless the infection.

It is also crucial to be aware of drugs used to treat hypertension, diabetes, and more. Make sure to use medications that the FDA has approved.

Although it’s impossible to reverse natural hair loss, it can safeguard your hair from injuries that could lead to loss. Beware of styles that strain the hair line, creating hair loss.

Additionally, to stop Alopecia from occurring, It is crucial to be aware of shampoos or relaxers, bleachers, or other hair products used. Make use of hair products specifically designed to stimulate the growth of hair.

Additionally, insufficient vitamins could cause Alopecia. So it’s important to eat a balanced and healthy diet.