AUBESS Tuya Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor APP Remote Monitor For Smart Home Smart Life For Alexa Google Assistant WiFi

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AUBESS Tuya WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer Detector Smart Life App Control For Alexa Google Home


Material: ABS

Size: 56.2*56.2*23.3MM

Weight: 46g

Battery: LRO3-1.5V/AAA*3(not included)

Wireless: 2.4GHz WiFi 802.11b/g/n

Temperature range: -9.9℃-60℃(-49.8°F)-(140°F)

Temperature resolution: ±1℃

Humidity range: 0%-99% RH

Humidity resolution: ±5% RH


【with Backlight】Press the reset button, the backlight will be triggered, and will last for about 10s.

【Temperature and humidity sensing.】

Use high-precision sensors to monitor the humidity and temperature in the environment in real time. The temperature difference is ±1℃, and the humidity difference is ±5%RH.

【Remote monitoring】

The temperature and humidity of the WiFi temperature and humidity sensor can be viewed remotely, and thetemperature and humidity of baby room can be monitored.

【Work with Alexa and Google assistant.】

For example: You can ask, Alexa, what is the temperature of TH sensor? Alexa will tell you the temperature on the sensor.

【 Intelligent linkage】

Through the mobile phone APP, you can use it with other smart devices to create your own smart scene. According to the temperature and humidity sensor, you can adjust the humidity and temperature in the environment.

For example, set that if the temperature is higher than 30°C, the universal remote control will automatically turn on the air conditioner (the air conditioner temperature can be set to 22°C.)

【One-key conversion between °C and °F】

The sensor physical button converts the temperature unit with one key. The temperature unit change is uploaded to the APP in real time, without waiting for the temperature to be automatically updated.

【 Time display】

The sensor is connected to the APP (smart life/TUYA smart) to automatically synchronize the time of the mobile phone. There is an extra time display in the home.

【LCD display】

High-quality and clear LCD display, giving you the best visual experience

Package Included:

1* TH Sensor

1* Manual

Additional information

Brand Name



Mainland China

Model Number

AUBESS WiFi Temperature Sensor

Smart home platform

Alexa, Tuya, Google Assistant



Product name

Tuya Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor With LCD Screen








LRO3-1.5V/AAAx3(not included)


2.4GHz WiFi 802.11b/g/n

Temperature range


Temperature resolution


Humidity range

0%-99% RH

Humidity resolution

±5% RH

Package included

1xSensor, 1xManual

APP Control

Compatible With Tuya & Smart Life

Voice Control 1

For Amazon Alexa Echo Smart Speaker Accessories

Voice Control 2

For Google Home Assistant Smart Speaker Accessories


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Type 1

Smart Home Automation DIY Module

Type 2

Smart Home Gadgets

Type 3

Smart House Kit

Type 4

Automation Residential

Type 5

Smart Home Security Protection Alarm System

Type 6

Temperature Sensor Tuya

Type 7

Home Connected Thermometer


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