AVATTO Tuya WiFi IR Remote Control with Temperature and Humidity Sensor,3 in1 Smart Home Infrared Controller for Alexa Google

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【IR Remote control】-5000+multi device supported

【WiFi Temperature & Humidity Sensor】-Touch button, Classic design, Mirror screen

【APP Remote Control】-Open the mobile phone APP to check the temperature and humidity anytime and anywhere

【Voice Control】-Get the real time temperature and humidity information via voice command

【Temperature And Humidity State】-Temperature and humidity history curve can be viewed anytime, anywhere on the mobile phone

【Brightness Adjustable】-Ring adjustable screen brightness.

【°C & °F for option】-Completely solve the difference between different countries and units

【Temperature+Humidity Real Time Accurate Display】-Temperature change(±0.1°C)/Humidity changes(±5%RH)

【Temperature and Humidity Calibration】-When using other equipment to measure, the temperature and humidity are slightly worse, you can use the calibration function

【Smart Linkage】-When the indoor temperature reaches 30°C turn on the air conditioner/When the humidityis lower than 68 % turn on the humidifier

【Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Countdown Function】-Long press the “confirmation key” to display the alarm clock function/Long press the “option key” to display the stopwatch function/Long press the “option key”7 times to display the countdown function

【More Execution Methods】-Increase the conditions that need to be met in many ways,and select the tasks to be executed

【Alarm Management Settings】-When the temperature and humidity are lower or higher than the set value, an alarm mode will appear, and the log can be viewed.

【Low Battery Reminder】-Both the device and the phone can display the battery level of the sensor

【Group-Control Function】-Intelligent products in different rooms can be set in groups Realize group control function

【Offline Reminder】-The device will only be reminded when it is offline for more than 30 minutes (the device with low power consumption will trigger the reminder after more than 8 hours), Know your device anytime, anywhere




–USB Input: Type-c

–Input voltage: DC 5V 1A

–Temperature Measure Range: 0℃-60℃

–Humidity Measure Range: 0-99%RH

–Temperature Measure Accuracy:±1℃

–Humidity Measure Accuracy:±5%RH

–Installation method: Desktop Placed

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