Smart Thermostat Electric Heating Water Temperature Control System LCD Display Touch Screen Programmable for Home School Hotel

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Enjoy your healthy life! Your new thermostat will provide uniform and comfortable temperature control throughout every room.

【Touch Screen&LCD Display】Touchscreen buttons that are practical and beautiful, scratch-resistant. Large LCD touch screen display with backlight, easy to read.
【Manual and Auto Programmable Mode】5+2 six time-modes programmable periods. Weekly programming interface calendar can be set to different time and temperature.
【Memory Function&Child Lock】 No power failure, data storage when device is turned off. The key lock function is designed to prevent children from injure.
【Accurate Temperature】Internal sensor floor sensor, noticeable ambient temperature and floor temperature.
Automatically get the temperature, 1 ℃ accuracy.
【Application】Suitable for water heating, industrial, commercial and household rooms as well as for controlling heating devices.

Models: WIFI Water Heating/ NO-WIFI Water Heating/ WIFI Electric Heating/ NO-WIFI Electric Heating (optional)
Material: ABS + Tempered Glassand
Item Weight: 295g
Temperature Sensor: NTC
Temperature Accuracy: 1℃
voltage: AC230V 50/60HZ
Load Current: 3A/16A
Key: Touch Key

Package List:
1 * Thermostat
2 * Mounting Screws
1 * User Manual
1 * Sensor Cable

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