TRV ZigBee 3.0 Tuya Programmable Heating Radiator Actuator Smart Digital Thermostatic Valve with Thermostat Set Battery Control

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1. Must work together with Tuya ZigBee Hub.

2. The battery is not included.

YIDI ZigBee Tuya TRV Smart Digital Thermostat Thermostatic Valve Radiator Actuator Valve Remote Temperature Remote Controller Smart Life System work with Alexa Google Home

Main Features:
1. Dew Design with Rotate Screen:
Easier read the readings from different angles with no position limit.
Rotate button for easier temperature adjusting.

2. Must work with Tuya ZigBee Gateway Hub:
Ultra-low power consumption.
A ZigBee hub is a must that connects the valve to other ZigBee smart products, and then realize the whole linkage of your smart home devices.
Simply add your gateway to the App, and then add your radiator actuator to your gateway in the App.

3. Programmable Schedule with Weekly Programming Selection:
Supports manual set weekly schedule with 4 periods for each day.
Provide you with the maximum convenience for different situation and setting customized schedule for your house temperature.
Holiday mode, automatic mode, boost mode is available. Choose workday and restday mode to meet your own mind.

4. Voice and Remote APP Control:
App remote control via your smart phone wherever you are.
Hands-free voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant.

5.Open Window Detection:
When room temperature suddenly drop into temperature threshold, valve will close for 15 minutes.
After that, if the room temperature is still lower than temp. Threshold, it will keep this mode.

6. Other Features:
– Data Memory: record current temperature, set temperature, valve opening degree, allow you to understand the working status of the device.
– Child Lock: prevent opearte the device wrongly by kids.
– 6 sets adapters: for different pipe
– 1 Year Warranty

Power Supply: 1.5 V AA Batteries x3pcs
Accuracy: 0.5°C
Set Temp. Range: 5~35 °C
Storage Temperature: -5~ 45 °C
Surface Temperature:90℃ Max(at the radiator)
Connection: m30*1.5mm
Linear Travel: 4.3mm
Protection Level: IP 20
App: Tuya | Smart Life
Voice Control: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Package List: TRV*1(battery not included) + User manual*1 + Adapters*6

Q: Can I use my own hub to connect with the valve?
A: No, this radiator thermostat can only be used with Tuya ZigBee gateway hub. We also offer the set of the hub for your choosing.

Q: Can this thermostat be set to Fahrenheit display?
A: No, it can only be displayed with Celsius display.

Q: Can I program the schedule myself?
A: Yes, the thermostat is programmable. You are able to program your schedule freely.

Q: Can I control the thermostat if I am not at home?
A: Yes, since successfully connect it to the hub, you are able to control your device on your smart phone App anywhere.

Q: Does the thermostat have a screen lock to prevent guests or kids from tampering with the settings?
A: Yes, it has. It has a fully locked mode that prevents any changes or misoperation by children.

Q: Is the battery included?
A: No. As delivery limitation, the battery is not included.

Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Smart TRV Radiator Valve

Interface and Button Functions
1. Middle button | 2. Knob button | 3. Battery compartment lock | 4. Union nut for heating valve | 5. Battery box
6. Set button | 7. Auto | 8. Wi-Fi | 9. Low battery | 10. Heating | 11. Setting temperature | 13. LED dot matrix display

Enjoy Your Smart Life
Quick Response | Smartphone APP Control | Timming Function | Whole House Smart
Voice Control | Scene Mode | Tuya or Smart Life APP | Linkage to other Device

Work with ZigBee Hub
Use with ZigBee hub to realize all smart functions

A Whole Linkage of All Smart Devices
Connect other ZigBee devices and wifi devices in APP to form a whole smart house linkage via a smart hub

Excellent Room Temperature Control Helper
Mini size | Net tech design fits for most decoration styles

APP Remote Control
Control from anywhere via Tuya or Smart Life APP
Work with a ZigBee hub

Weekly Programmable with 4 Periods
Auto Mode | Manual Mode | ON Mode | OFF Mode

Hands-Free Voice Control
Work with Alexa or Google home assistant

Rotate Screen & Rotate Button
Read the device from different angles with no position limit
Easier temperature adjusting

Open Window Detection
When detect the window open, the device display OP and temperature is set to 12℃

Child Lock

Long press the middle button for 3 seconds until the “LC” is displayed.

Timming for Anti-Scale
TRV executes routine decalcification every Monday at 12:00 to protect valve from calcification.
“CR” will be displayed on the screen during decalcification.

Extremely High Quality with Metal Accessaries

Various Adapters for Wide Applications

Alkaline Battery Powred for Lower Power Consumption
76 days by consuming 23.592mAH of energy per day
3pcs 1.5V alkaline AA batteries ( not included in package)
Alkaline battery ensures for smooth and slow power supply to extend the controller life time


Additional information

Brand Name



Mainland China



Power Supply

1.5 V AA Batteries x 3pcs



Set Temp. Range


Storage Temp

-5~45 °C

Surface Temperature

90℃ Max (at the radiator)



Linear Travel


Protection Level

IP 20


Tuya / Smart Life

Voice Control

Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant


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