Tuya Smart Home 8″ Scene Switch Control Panel Zigbee Gateway Inside,Smart Life App,Spotify Player Voice Control Via Google Home

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Smart Home Control Panel,Dimmer and Background Music Player, 8” Switch Panel in-Wall Touchscreen Control for Various Tuya Smart Appliances

Aabout F8- Multifunction combination center control screen

EASY SMART HOME CONTROL FOR EVERYONE: Brilliant touchscreen panels with built-in Tuya Smart APP make it easy for everyone at home to control popular smart devices, lighting, locks, thermostats, scenes and more by simply.

EASY TO REPLACE: You only need to connect the wires hidden in the wall to the dimmer. If you need, you can quickly connect your home theater speakers and fix them on the wall. The whole process only takes 15 minutes.

MAKE YOUR HOME SMARTER: You can set up different scenes and let different smart home appliances match your life. You no longer need to look for remote controls for air conditioners everywhere, and you don’t need to use many switches. You only need to tap when you enter the door, and a romantic dinner will be accompanied. With just the right warm light, soothing music will appear immediately.

TUYA LIGHTS & SMART LOCK CONTROL: Now everyone at home can easily browse and play music with different brand speakers, control anywhere smart lights in your home, and unlock the door with a compatible smart lock—all without needing a phone.

INSTALL THE APP YOU WANT: This machine comes with a 8GB TF card, you can download your favorite music player or other APP to the card, and you can apply all the programs after inserting the card.

F8 Smart Control panel specifications
Characteristic: Dual 86 base case, can be used in combination, center control, background music.

Voice: Spics 4MIC Far field wake-up, up to 10-12m 4MIC Hello! xiaozhi, Support for modifying wake-up words (custom)

Content: Support voice on demand Mi Gu music, children’s education, crosstalk, skits, opera, historical stories, fairy tales and fables, children’s enlightenment, Xiehouyu, brain teasers, poems, idioms, translation, stock query, chicken soup for the soul, food nutrition, recipe query,
mathematical operations, alarm clock.

Education content: Children 1-3 years old enlightenment education content, children, stories, Sinology, general knowledge preschool, master tutor content one age – junior high school, support remote control selection to watch

APP on demand: Support exclusive APP binding, on-demand play music, children’s education content, control devices (Xiao listen to music)

Smart home : Tuya IOT

Music scene : Select different music based on different scenarios

Wallpaper switch : Custom wallpaper switch, style switch

Play Music on Time : Supports multiple segments of timed music playback, select the appropriate volume, Spotify music.
F8 Smart home control panel parameters
Size: 25*13.3*10cm
Operating system: Android 8.1 System
CPU model: Four nuclear Cortex-A35
CPU frequency : 1.5GHZ
CPU auditing: Four nuclear
ScreenMain screen size: 8″
Resolution ratio: 1280*800
Material : IPS (Full View)
Touch screen: Multitouch capacitive screen Storage
Fuselage memory: 2GB
Expand TF card memory : 8GB
USB 2.0 interface : 32 GB read
Network: Zigbee WIFI Support
Output power: 2*(10-25W) (TI digital tapping)
Output impedance: 4 to 8
Total harmonic distortion: 0.03%(1W.1KHZ)
Frequency response : 20Hz-20KHz
Audio To Noise Ration : 98db
Bluetooth Version : 4.0
IOT : Tuya /ZIGBEE Lights, outlets, air conditioning, scenes, groups, video doorbells, curtains
Relay: 2 way light control, less than 200W
Bring their own horn : 1 w small horn
Audio formats: MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, APE, and ACC, AC3, OGG audio formats
Video format : The MPEG – 1/2/3/4, the RM/RMVB, WMV, MOV, MK, VOB, AVI, 3 gp, H, 264 video format, etc
Power input : AC110-250V
Audio input: AUX, one group
Audio output: a group

F8 Multi Functional intelligent Central Control Screen other function

1. Mobile APP control, voice intercom, broadcast, APP push content

2. Support voice wake-up, play music, stories, children’s songs, tell jokes, check the weather, check the flight, smart

home control

3. Bluetooth playback, the host can control the Bluetooth playback device to switch music

4. Play music at regular intervals, start songs at regular intervals, and play specified music at regular intervals

5. Support external devices to control the device through 485

6. Local, TF card, U disk, Bluetooth, play music

7. 485: supports bidirectional 485 control

8. SDK is open and connected to smart home

Separated Magnetic Suction Design

It’s easy to install in one suction. Exclusive magnetic suction design on the back, with large suction and no easy falling off, which can be easily installed by every-one without tools.

Full scene personalization: Timed scene/Perceptual wake-up/Intelligent question and answer/User-defined discourse.

Support Tuya App, One click binding of intelligent devices
1. Support voice Control graffiti ecological products.
2. Support sensor linkage scenarios
3. Support scene linkage playing music.
4. Support self question and answer.

Support Knob Adjustment

The air conditioning temperature, dimming, curtain opening and closing, music volume etc, can be adjusted through the knob.

Newly Developed Host Speaker Can Swithc Freely.
The industry’s first support for free switching between its own speakers and extranal speakers. Meet the needs of different scenarios.
With loudspeaker-Bluetooth speaker/amplifier, Click to switch between big and small speakers freely.
The host has its own 2W speaker; it can be used for wake-up, response and scene linkage play; The host is equipped with a high- power amplifier, which can be connected 2* 25w two speakers; Customers who need to listen to music can choose from their own speakers, Bluetooth Speakers and high-power amplifiers.

Support WiFi, Zigbee, 485 Smart Home Control
To meet the needs of smart home customers in different fields and industries

No need to change the line, hit the Wall and replace the original position

Dual 86 bottom box design, which can directly replace some existing dual 86 device.

High appearance, high quality and low cost
Integrate voice ,gateway, music and other functions, and connect with graffiti hotel system.
In some diversified management scenarios, the system itself has a certain administrator mechanism, which can be applied to hotels, shopping malls and real estate projects, Adhering to the concept high appearance, high quality and low cost, the central control screen can be applied to more use scenarios.

Powerful home appliance control center, Including all kinds of intelligent hardware.

Smart Life App Remote Control
Support Tuya system smart home contrl. A mobile phone wherever you are can be controlled at any time.

4 Macintosh Control

Realize voice control of household appliances. Switch, temperature and mode are picked up in seconds, changing with the sound!

Adjustable light and color
Integrate voice, gateway, music and other functions, and connect with graffiti hotel syst.

Super Strong Bass Coaxial Ceiling Speaker

The surreound sound of the whole house layout forms a three-dimensional surround sound field with a sense of encircling and sock.

Mobil App Pushes Music
Synchronize with moble music and enjoy music more freely!
Speacially designed for you, simple, light, stable and smooth.
1. Wifi Connection,
2. Blutooth connection, Compatible with massive devices 8 meters effective distance

Enjoyu thousands of authentic music, You can listen to the massive music library resources.

Access to authentic audio resources, and cooperate deeply with the largest audio sharing platform in China, Himalaya, so that you can experience more massive audio resources. Hundreds of milions of audio platforms are updated synchronously, and support wireless push of third-party music platforms, allowing you to enjoy freely.


Nashone is a professional household switch manufacturer for 20 years. We are professional in RF technology, our product are related to 433.92Mhz,868Mhz and 2.4G(Wifi & Zigbee).

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Additional information

Brand Name



Mainland China

Model Number

Smart home



APP Control

Tuya smart life


Zigbee Gateway





Automation switch

Wireless remote control switch

Product Name

Smart Multi-functional Control Panel

Input Power

110-240VAC 50Hz

Working Temperature


Wireless Protocol

ZigBee, WiFi



Smart home

zigbee smart home


Home assistant

Zigbee tuya

tuya panel

Smart panel

smart home control panel

Wall Touchscreen

Background Music Player


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