Zigbee Smart Home Tuya control panel Multi-Functional 4″ LCD Control Screen Panel Ścienny Home Assistant Work With Alexa Google

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This in-wall smart control panel adopts the Linux platform, it mainly provides gateway functions and scene mode functions. By installingit in the wall electrical box at the user’s home, users can manage their smart home devices through the screen touch or mobile APP control.

Multiple Control Panel Features:

1. An extremely powerful central control device for all Tuya Zigbeen smart devices and intelligent scenes that have smart automated in Smart Life APP, connected with Tuya smart gateway and APP remote control.

2. Widely compatible with lights, curtains, air conditioners, and all other smart home devices for central control. Configure Smart Home scenes in the APP, turn on the scene mode with one touch on the screen.No more time required to open APP to find specific device to trigger among so many ones.

3. 4-inch HD LCD, IPS, multi touch screen design,together with auto light sensor,which fits well for modern smart lifestyle,in-wall design is compatible with European standard wall boxes for simple installation within seconds.

4.It is a ZigBee smart switch, and also is a multi-functional scene panel when connected with Tuya smart gateway.

Compatible with European standard wall boxes, simple in-wall installation.

5. Englishi Language and region optional in the device setting,as well as clock functional with time and date display, even you can check the real-time weather for better life; includes full 2-year warranty and 60-day refund guarantee for complete satisfaction.

Before Purchase Please Note:
1. It cannot be used as an air switch, Some special lines need to be modified, and the actual conditions shall prevail.

2. To use voice control, it must be equipped with smart device that supports Zigbee3.0 and a device with built-in Siri. This product cannot directly perform voice control.

3.The language of the product is Chinese by default, and you can enter the product setting language to be English (only Chinese and English are supported)

Water Controller Valve Specifications:

Touch screen: 4 inches full screen,

Wireless connection: Zigbee 3.0

Rated parameters: Max 10A 220V-, 50Hz

Rated load: Max 2200W, u

Total load: Max 2200W (three channels in total)

Working temperature: 10℃~45℃

Working humidity: 0-95℃ RH, no condensation

4 Inch Scene Panel & 3 Gang Relay Switch 2 in 1

It is a ZigBee smart switch, and also is a multi-functional scene panel when connected with Tuya smart gateway.

Multi-scens Application

Suitable for different occasions such as home, store supermarket office, company facotry, hotle restaurant ans son on

Smart Switch Control Panel Switch, Intelligent Lighting control

Intelligent devices control, such as lights, curtains, air conditioners, and other smart home devices through panel.
Smart scene linkage, customize application scenarios and bind smart devices according to your needs. Only one touch to quickly start the smart devices with preset scenarios, such as one-click to start the air conditioner, open the
curtains and turn off the lights (home mode).

Smart Light Adjustment Scene, Switch intelligent control

4inch HD LCD touch screen panel & 3 gang relay switch 2 in 1 connection to downlight, spotlights, light strips, ect. Intelligent control switch, can control and adjust light brightness, color, temperature. Equipment Control Support Multi-device control

The multi-functional intelligent control panel can deirectly replace switches, control light, curtains, window screens, windows, etc. and control home equipment more conveniently and intuitively.

4 inch HD Touch Screen, Smart Touch experience

The intelligent multi-function centrl control pancel adopts a 4-inch multi-touch screen. The fingertip interaction is precisely positioned, and the touch is smooth. Date, dynamic closk, device control and other logos appear on the screen. Simple graphics and dynamic effects.

App Remote control, Mobile App Remote Control of Smart Devices.

When you are away or at hoem, you can enter the mobile App, intelligently control the connected devices, and remotely control the device at home. The device are arranged in an orderly manner, and you can immediately find the corresponding device and relize remote control.

Inteligent Central control Screen Support Enlish Language

Engineers reconstructed the bottom layer of the system and used a more streamlined instruction set, which brings faster system response and smoother control experience. The device is more stable and reliable, adding luster to the user’s smart life.

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Nashone is a professional household switch manufacturer for 20 years. We are professional in RF technology, our product are related to 433.92Mhz,868Mhz and 2.4G(Wifi & Zigbee).

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Mainland China

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APP Control

Tuya smart life


Zigbee Gateway





Automation switch

Wireless remote control switch

Product Name

Smart Multi-functional Control Panel

Input Power

220-240VAC 50Hz

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Smart home

zigbee smart home


Home assistant

Zigbee tuya

tuya panel

Smart panel

smart home control panel


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