What Is ZCash (ZEC)?

What is ZCash (ZEC)?

ZCash was created in 2016 when a team of scientists thought of creating a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin but with additional features. They made a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, which has enhanced security for users and a greater degree of security and anonymity. Scientists first came up with Zerocoin, which became Zerocash shortly after its first release. In the end, the cryptocurrency was changed into ZCash. 1


  • ZCash is an alternative Bitcoin fork with a different isolating algorithm and security and encryption protocols.
  • ZCash began in the form of Zerocash but was later enhanced with the help of ZCash’s Electric Coin Company and rebranded ZCash. 1
  • ZCash authenticates ownership of the coins and transactions more secure than Bitcoin and provides greater security to users.
  • Zcoin is mineable on computers and mobile devices, but Zcoin is best made using dedicated systems known as application-specific integrated circuits.

Understanding ZCash (ZEC)

ZCash is a fork from Bitcoin’s Bitcoin codebase. The year 2014 was when Eli Ben-Sasson, Alessandro Chiesa, Christina Garman, Matthew Green, Ian Miers, Eran Tromer, and Madars Virza were convinced that there were security issues in the method of tracking transactions via Bitcoin’s blockchain. In their whitepaper that outlined their plans, they named Zerocash as their currency. 2

Scientists created Zerocoin (Electric Coin Company) in the year 2015. The name was changed to Zcash and was adopted by Zcash, which the Electric Coin Company owns. 1

ZCash uses its zk-SNARK security protocol to ensure the parties in transactions are authenticated without disclosing any details to anyone else or to networks. 1

ZCash can be described as an altcoin which is a type of cryptocurrency that has some of the characteristics of Bitcoin. A variety of altcoins differ in the sense of their function and use.

Zk-Snark permits fully protected transactions where the sender, recipient, and the amount are all encrypted. This is a significant contrast to another cryptocurrency, in which transparency of transactions is an essential concept, in addition to the security of user data.

How is ZCash different from Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin community is known for its transparency in transactions while also ensuring privacy. However, anyone who is interested or with a stake in a transaction may be able to identify the parties involved.

ZCash doesn’t eliminate transaction information. Instead, it encodes it to ensure that it can’t be traced. The ZCash blockchain is secured. However, the security protocol zk – SNARK offers extra security for users and provides anonymity. 3

Bitcoin employs the algorithm for hashing called SHA-256. 4 ZCash employs Equihash, which is not compatible with software and hardware designed specifically for Bitcoin mining. Additionally, it has bigger blocks as well as faster hashing times which increase the hash rate of the network. The hash rate of a cryptocurrency is the processing capacity of the miners’ network. It’s an indication of how fast transactions can be confirmed and validated to create the block. 3

Joining a mining pool can be one of the most effective methods to reap the benefits of ZCash mining. Opportunities to earn and efficiency increase as resources pool.

Hashing is the process that is used to transform data into alphanumeric characters. This string is distinctive as it is made from blocks of data. After it is hashed, it will not be duplicated. The algorithm for hashing is the mathematical process that is used to create the string that is alphanumerically known as the hash.

Goals of ZCash

ZCash was created to be secure, efficient, and secure. The creators behind ZCash encourage compliance with regulations. In addition, you can select total transparency when using ZCash, in which the transparency of ZCash is comparable to the transparency of Bitcoin when transactions are made.

How to mine ZCash

New coins are generated through mining. It is possible to mine with an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miner or your personal computer when it is equipped with an integrated graphics card that is capable of mining. The operating systems that are supported by ZCash include Docker as well as Debian/Ubuntu, Mac as well as other Linux variants. But, ZCash advises the use of the ASIC mining device and/or mining pool due to the network’s difficulty has become so high that mining on PCs isn’t worthwhile and is expensive. 3

ZCash utilizes a proof-of-work mining algorithm that demands miners to compete with each other to create an additional block. They race to find the solution to this hash. 3 The first miner to discover the answer opens an entirely new block and earns an initial Block reward.

How many ZCash remain?

ZCash has a total amount of 21 million coins, including 14.6 million already in circulation. 5 Once there are 21 million ZCash in circulation, none more coins can be mined, and you’ll be able to get cash through an exchange or by purchasing them from the individual. 3

Is ZCash secure?

ZCash is secure in that it conceals and safeguards your data.

Does ZCash Utilize Proof of the Work?

Yes, it is using Equihash, which is a proof-of-work mining algorithm that is based on the Generalized Birthday Problem concept. 3

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